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Brianna D'Amato

About Brianna: Welcome

About Brianna

Brianna D'Amato is an artist based on Long Island, New York. From a young age, Brianna has shown an interest in art. A lot of her work is inspired from her love of animals and traveling. If you haven't already noticed, her favorite color to use is in her work is blue. She enjoys using oil paint as a medium to work with. Brianna has exhibited work in galleries in Manhattan and in East Hampton, New York. You can find Brianna at outdoor art festivals in the summer on Long Island and in Florida during the colder seasons.  Brianna's work has been seen in Magazines such as House & Garden and British Vogue multiple times. She has donated paintings to organizations such as Gigi's Playhouse for an auction at their annual Gala. Brianna has a wide range of work including portraits, animals, and landscapes.

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