Brianna D'Amato


About Brianna

Brianna is an artist based on Long Island, New York. From a young age, Brianna has shown an interest in art. A lot of her work is inspired from her love of animals and traveling. She enjoys using oil paint as a medium to work with. Brianna has exhibited work in galleries in Manhattan and in East Hampton, New York. In 2021, Brianna participated in her first art festivals located on the eastern end of Long Island. She enjoyed it so much and decided to continue participating in future shows, some of which are the top shows in the country. Brianna's work has been seen in Magazines such as House & Garden and British Vogue multiple times. Brianna has a wide range of work including portraits, animals, landscapes and some abstracts. She doesn't believe there has to be a need to "niche" down to one specific topic. She loves being challenged with different subjects to paint so she can constantly learn and grow as an artist.